A couple of weeks ago, Prof Kevin O’Gorman reached out to ask if I was interested in collaborating in one of his many side projects. This time it was a blog, and considering I am digital enthusiast (at the end of the day I did spend 3 years of my life researching how to make Facebook Fan pages more engaging!) I decided to get on board.

The blog gathers the experience of a group of academics from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. The theme of the blog is to share first-hand experience of the struggles that higher education students and academics face on a day-to-day basis. From tips on how to choose a topic for your dissertation, to all the unimaginable struggles that PhD candidates face during this exciting (and many times exhausting) journey. The blog has received a lot of attention on social media since its launch, and we’re delighted that one of our posts was also featured in The Times Higher Education blog this week.

Are you at that point in life where you’re still undecided whether or not it is a good idea to start a PhD? Are you close to finish your PhD and want to know what options are available after you pass your VIVA? For this and many other academic existential questions I invite you to go and browse in our blog. Plus we also have a very helpful feature where you can ask the team more specific questions if you think none of our current posts cover that particular topic.

And remember, it’s not you, it’s your data!

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