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Booking an appointment

Book an appointment to arrange a supervision meeting with me at HWU Dubai Campus. Please note the following points before booking an appointment:

  • Please indicate in the appointment booking system, what we will be discussing. You need to have a plan of the expected outcomes for the meeting, and need to send all appropiate material prior to our meeting 72 hours in advance.
  • It should be emphasised that this is the student’s dissertation and is entirely the students own work. Coursework designed around the Dissertation Courses allows the Dissertation Supervisor to read three chapters of the dissertation in some detail in order to give feedback on direction, presentation, content and style.  The Dissertation Supervisor may scan other chapters to understand the context of the research; however, they should not be expected to read the whole dissertation.  Students need not adopt the Dissertation Supervisor’s suggestions or recommendations and will not be asked to justify such a decision, provided their actions do not result in a major or unannounced change of subject or direction. The Dissertation Supervisor will not read the finished work prior to submission. 
  • Make sure that you fill in the Dissertation Supervision Schedule after our meeting.


A good dissertation is a done dissertation. A great dissertation is a published dissertation. A perfect dissertation is neither.

Before you book an appointment, ask yourself: Do I really need to hold a meeting?

should I hold a meeting


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