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Dr. Perez Vega’s keen interest in the intersection of marketing and technology, and how it can drive businesses towards achieving their goals, has been the catalyst for Perez Vega Consulting (PVC).

Collaborating with a team of seasoned subject experts, PVC partners with businesses across various sizes and industries. We specialise in addressing real-world business challenges through innovative technological solutions underpinned by research and a consumer-focused approach. For organisations seeking tailored consultancy services, PVC offers a unique blend of expertise. We provide solutions on digital marketing, social media strategies and the delivery of social media marketing campaigns, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), influencer marketing, and leveraging Artificial Intelligence for advanced analytics purposes.

Work with PVC and explore how their specialized knowledge can elevate your business strategies.

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Digital Strategy & Implementation

R&D in action


Digital Expertise

Digital Strategy & Implementation

Our approach to digital strategy is simple. We think that when you’re developing a plan to reach your marketing objectives it should reflect a deep understanding of online consumer behaviour, in addition to the current technical tools that are available in the market. Sometimes, small changes that are informed by these two elements can take you a long way.

We have worked with companies in the UK, UAE, France, Spain and South America to develop new digital strategies to reach their business objectives. We can work as an external consultant to your current marketing leadership team or provide a turn-key strategy ready for implementation. We have also collaborated with local Councils to support SMEs in digital transformation projects.

R&D in action

We have led a series of Research & Development projects involving the use and application of new technologies in different settings. We can support designing research and implementation protocols, and working with multidisciplinary teams to ensure new initiatives, particularly related to the use of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and its sub-areas like GenAI, the use of social robots in healthcare and public care, as well as the development of immersive experiences to improve customer satisfaction.

Expertise in digital technology & consumer research

Dr. Perez Vega, is actively engaged in research within the realms of digital marketing, social media, mobile applications, and online consumer behaviour. Renowned for delivering scientifically-informed talks, seminars, and workshops globally, Dr. Perez Vega excels in connecting the latest scientific advancements in digital marketing to their practical application in business and marketing departments. These sessions are recognised for being both engaging and insightful, offering a refreshing perspective that bridges academic research with real-world business solutions. Interventions with media include expert comments for BBC Radio Berkshire, NME, the Guardian, France 24 and Raconteur.  

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