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My interest in how marketing and technology can help businesses meet their objectives led me to engage in consulting work. Together with other subject experts, we work with businesses of all sizes to help them solve real business problems through technology and a consumer-centric approach. If you’re looking for ad hoc consultancy opportunities for your business, let’s talk! We work with a team of experts in digital marketing, social media, CRM, influencer marketing, and the use of AI for marketing.

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Digital Strategy

Corporate training


Speaking Opportunities

Digital Strategy

Our approach to digital strategy is simple. We think that when you’re developing a plan to reach your marketing objectives it should reflect a deep understanding of online consumer behaviour, in addition to the current technical tools that are available in the market. Sometimes, small changes that are informed by these two elements can take you a long way.

We have worked with companies in the UK, UAE, France, Spain and South America to develop new digital strategies to reach their business objectives. We can work as an external consultant to your current marketing leadership team or provide a turn-key strategy ready for implementation. We have also collaborated with local Councils to support SMEs in digital transformation projects.

Corporate Training

We have trained marketing teams of multinational organisations, and led workshops with SMEs to give them the tools that are needed to plan and manage digital activities effectively. We can customise training programmes based on the current knowledge of your staff whether they are familiar with the digital ecosystem or completely new to managing digital channels for business.

Speaking Opportunities

I actively conduct research in the field of digital marketing, social media, mobile applications and online consumer behaviour. I have provided scientifically-informed talks, seminars and workshops around the world that are not only engaging but also refreshing as they bridge the latest scientific discoveries in digital marketing with its application to business and marketing departments.

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