I am pleased to have been invited to deliver a workshop at the SME world summit 2016 at The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai this March 15th.  This will be a great opportunity to disseminate some of the latest research in digital marketing that can help SMEs reach their business objectives through digital channels. I will be sharing the slides for this event in this post after the date of the event. If you wish to join me for this session and other relevant workshops and discussions for SMEs in the GCC region you can order the tickets online.

About the workshop

This workshop synthesizes the latest research in digital marketing from around the globe and delivers a series of actionable strategies that can improve the business results that SMEs are getting from their online efforts. Through a series of case studies from international and local SMEs, the workshops exemplifies why certain strategies work better than other ones, and how a deep understanding of consumer behaviour keeps being key to successful marketing initiatives.

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SME World Summit 2016 – Dubai – Dr Rodrigo Perez Vega from MCG on Vimeo.

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