Two papers from our 4th year Management students accepted into ICOM 2015 in Abu Dhabi

During the summer period, two of my dissertation supervisees decided to turn part of their dissertations into conference papers. I was very pleased to learn that the two papers were accepted to be presented in the upcoming International Conference on Organization and Management (ICOM 2015) in Abu Dhabi.

Social Media Summit 2016: social influence marketing on the rise

I was invited to give a talk on Facebook fan page engagement at the Social Media Summit in Dubai. This was based on part of the research that I have done for my PhD and some other new research avenues that I am currently investigating. What was interesting from this event, was how much relevance social influence marketing is having among marketing practitioners.

UAE Inter-School Business Challenge 2016 was a big success!

For the second time I was part of the organising team of the UAE Inter-School Business Challenge at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai Campus. On this edition the interest was even greater than the last year, with over 200 students, 40 teams and some of the most prominent...

Interview at Business Breakfast: Generating positive engagement on Facebook fan pages

I was invited on the 26th of June to the show Business Breakfast in Dubai to discuss a bit about our paper "The influence of brand immediacy in consumer engagement behaviours: A revised social impact model".  I spoke about how social immediacy (who you're friends...

Mobile advertising in the MENA region: factors influencing users’ atttitudes

Mobile advertising is in an experimental phase in MENA region, where marketers are simply just “trying it out” and hold the attitude that the mobile “doesn’t work yet”

AI and Marketing: a few thoughts after the 51st Academy of Marketing conference.

This week I went to Stirling to attend the Academy of Marketing conference. I took part in a workshop that looked at the intersection between AI and Marketing. My interest in AI derives from my innate interest in technology. Almost 8 years ago, when I decided I wanted...

Digital Publishing: Kiera Doherty – Weber Shandwick

As the course leader of Advances in Digital Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, I have arranged a series of guest speaker sessions with leading digital marketing practitioners in Dubai. Last week the students enrolled in this course and myself enjoyed a one-hour session with Kiera Doherty, Head of Digital at Weber Shandwick in the Middle East.

Building customer relationships one tweet at a time

The landscape of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has shifted markedly in recent years, fuelled, by amongst other things, developments in technology and the rapid expansion of social media platforms. Social media use among Internet users and businesses is now widespread. From an SME perspective, companies have looked at social media channels as a cost-effective marketing tool, and consequently many organisations, big and small, have jumped onto the social media bandwagon over the last decade. True, early social media platforms allowed businesses to market directly to their potential and current customers at almost zero financial cost, however with a push towards monetisation and changes in the algorithms in many of the mainstream platforms is making this channel a more pay-to-play one. We propose that looking at social media not only as a marketing tool but also as a space where companies and customers can build meaningful relationship is the way forward.

Increasing Facebook fan page engagement: on being attractive, social, and visually appealing to your customers

Communication through social media is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with an accompanied growth in research on the strategies to increase online brand engagement behaviours. A bulk of this research focusses on consumer reviews as a determinant of hotel...

Consumer engagement as a key performance metric in social media

The concept of consumer engagement is used in advertising and among marketing practitioners, ranking consumer engagement as one of the top priorities of online marketing activities. Among the reasons behind this interest are that consumer engagement is associated with consumer trust, satisfaction and loyalty and commitment, all of them strong indicators of long-term sales, word-of-mouth and brand advocacy.

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