Call for Participants

Do you self-identify as a digital nomad? Are you active on Instagram? We are looking for participants for an academic study that investigates the following research questions: (1) How do digital nomads manage the representation of their identity by using different platform affordances on Instagram?, (2) What are the main identity markers and content used by digital nomads to represent themselves on Instagram?, and (3) How do digital nomads use Instagram to cope with loneliness?
By agreeing to participate in the study, you agree to participate in an interview and allow your Instagram profile to be analysed. Participants in the study are requested to choose Instagram posts indicative of their digital nomad identity to reflect on their self-presentation choices during an interview.
All data will be stored securely in a Sharepoint folder from the University of Kent and will comply with GDPR. Data will be anonymised using pseudonyms, and the information disclosed in the interviews will be kept confidential. This research project has received Ethics approval from the Research Ethics Advisory Group at the University of Kent, United Kingdom. In appreciation for your time, participation in the study is rewarded with 20 Euros.

Research Team:

  • Dr. Cristina Miguel, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Dr. Christoph Lutz, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
  • Dr. Filip Majetic, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Croatia
  • Mr. Miguel Sanchez Razo, University of Reading, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Rodrigo Perez-Vega, University of Kent, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, University of North Carolina, United States
If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact Cristina Miguel:
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